Sand Dunes

How We Help

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The Special Forces Charitable Trust understands that the Soldier’s Family carries the greatest burden and sacrifice  during training cycles and multiple deployments. The  SFCT’s “highest priority” is providing support and assistance to SF Families as a whole and individually during these challenging times.  Our Sponsorships provide a larger breath of support for the entire Family. These are limited but are available upon approval and funding at that time. 



The Special Forces Charitable Trust knows the value of community fellowship in the form of special activities and Command Group events that promote the SF Family initiatives.  These celebrations, recognitions and sponsorships help to recognize and honor the community accomplishments, deepen the comradery among families and promote Esprit de Corp among the brotherhood. 




A big part of the SF Community is our Veterans and their Families. The SFCT is committed to support their legacy, ensure their welfare, and provide assistance wherever and whenever possible.