How We Help

Family and Community

The SFCT is dedicated to supporting these incredibly strong families both during the hard times, as well as during the good ones.  Special Forces Families know that they can rely on the SFCT.  When an SF Soldier is deployed, he can focus on his mission knowing that the SFCT will take care of his Family here at home.

Education and Motivation

The SFCT believes that education and motivation are powerful tools that help to keep a family strong and resilient.  We seek to further empower Special Forces Families by providing educational grants, as well as funding specialized classes, through our Education and Motivation Program Area.

Veterans and Heritage

The SFCT honors, thanks, and remembers our Veterans.  Freedom is not free, and donors to the SFCT mean it when they say that they will Never Forget the sacrifices that our nation's Veterans have made in the defense of the freedoms that we hold dear here at home.  The SFCT provides meaningful support to Special Forces heroes through our Veterans and Heritage Program Area.

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The SFCT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  EIN: 27-4209721

Special Forces Charitable Trust

Mailing: P.O. Box 53,  Southern Pines, NC  28388

Street: 677 S. Bennett Street,  Southern Pines, NC  28387

Office: 910-725-7034


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