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Tactical Challenge

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Where Green Berets and Celebrities Unite!

December 10, 2020

Air Date (TBD)

The first ever Army Special Forces - Celebrity Tactical Challenge will be held on December 10, 2020 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This is a one-of-a-kind, truly unique opportunity for teams from the U.S. Army Special Forces and the National Celebrity communities to unite and compete in precision marksman skills, tactical movement, and physical endurance!

Which celebrity team will you root for?  


When you "join a watch team," your donation (no matter what amount) goes toward supporting our Nation's U.S. Army Special Forces Community and their local food banks! 


If your celebrity team is named 2020 Tactical Team of the Year, the whole watch team receives a prize exclusive to the winning watch team and the celebrities!

Who's it going to be?!

Which celebrity team will you root for?  Visit the event website to see who's involved, who's in the lead, and to support!