Special Forces Charitable Trust plans and implements large Resiliency Retreats developed within our Family and Community Support Program. These programs are individually designed for each Special Forces Group based on the unique challenges the Group faces.  The Retreats provide Special Forces Families with the tools, skills, and strategies necessary to continue thriving as a unit during constant deployment and redeployment cycles.

We are proud and honored to say that we have now successfully hosted this encompassing resiliency event for members of the 1st SFG(A), the 3rd SFG(A),  the 5th SFG(A), the 7th SFG(A), and the 10th SFG(A), as well as the 1st Battalion, 10th SFG(A) stationed in Stuttgart, Germany.


These retreats provide new concepts and skills that these Families can now readily implement in their personal and professional lives, celebrate all that they have accomplished out in the field and at home, and provide an opportunity to connect with friends, family, and loved ones in a location away from everyday stressors.


Special Forces Charitable Trust brings in leading experts to speak to and work with these Families via multiple sessions.  These sessions center upon the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that these Families encounter in their daily lives, and the experts actively worked with these Families to promote healthy, helpful strategies.


Internationally acclaimed marriage expert Mark Gungor spoke about resilient communication and connection between couples. Mr. Gungor is Senior Pastor of Celebration Church, the CEO of Laugh Your Way America, and the host of The Mark Gungor Show; he used these life experiences to connect with and motivate attending couples while narrowing in on the specific struggles that these couples may be facing.


Highly decorated former State Trooper Bob Delaney told about his own experience with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) (a result of being deep undercover for three years for an organized crime investigation), so that others were better equipped to recognize the signs of PTS and manage it moving forward in a happy and healthy way.  Mr. Delaney has also written two books on his experiences, and has since had a successful career as an NBA Referee.


Rebecca Bockart, certified Family Life Coach and corporate trainer for Family Color Works, LLC, conducted a session on parenting and personality types, which focused on determining and understanding both one’s own personality type as a parent, and the personality types of one’s children, in order to develop personalized strategies for effective communication.


Dr. Christopher Winter led a session on sleep strategies.  Well practiced in sleep medicine and neurology, Dr. Winter elaborated on how to identify a sleeping disorder, as well as how to treat such disorders, so that healthy quality sleeping and living can be facilitated.  Dr. Winter is the personal sleep medicine specialist and consultant for MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL teams.


Dr. Jesse Payne has dedicated his career to teaching, teacher preparation, and educating others about the developing brain.  His Brain Health session focused on the importance of understanding and taking care of the brain at various stages of development in all aspects of life.


Kristina Koltai, professional Vinyasa Yoga instructor, demonstrated the differences in restorative, intermediate, and advanced yoga. She revealed how incorporating these helpful maneuvers into daily life can be done individually and as a couple. These healthy techniques decrease stress while promoting strength, self-awareness, empowerment, and inner peace.


These retreats also aim to facilitate situations apart from educational sessions to strengthen relationships within each Family, and as a member of this community.  Families are able to spend much needed time with one another while receiving multiple types of support.  Children are able to receive mentorship, as well as make new friends, while participating in numerous activities throughout the weekend. These Family Resiliency Retreats are an incredible success that have helped numerous Soldiers and their Families.


It is our plan to take the overwhelmingly positive feedback and statistics from these Family Resiliency Retreats and move forward with making them a recurring yearly opportunity for Special Forces Families!