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Loneliness and the Special Forces Spouse

A Spouse rises to the demands of the Special Forces life with remarkable courage and strength. She manages the household alone for much of every year, and if the couple has children, she calls all the shots — and provides all the hugs and kisses — for their children’s day care, education, recreation and nurture. When her Soldier comes home, she’s both grateful and a bit conflicted: She has to toggle from being solely in charge to sharing responsibility for the family. No matter how strong and capable she is, there is one thing that afflicts a Special Forces Wife at some point in her life: loneliness.

Loneliness has many triggers: Making every decision alone because you can’t talk to your Spouse. Sitting in a church pew alone with your children. Going to your child’s baseball game and sitting in the bleachers alone. Meeting — alone — with your teacher’s child for parent-teacher conference. Getting good or bad news from a doctor. Having no one to talk to at the end of the day when the house is quiet and the children are sleeping.

Did you know the Special Forces Charitable Trust offers support that can help ease the loneliness for Spouses? We offer a variety of trainings designed to build resiliency, with a focus on communication and coping skills. Our Family Retreats are one of our bigger initiatives. They’re designed for each Special Forces Group based on the unique challenges it faces. The Retreats provide Special Forces Families with the tools, skills, and strategies necessary to continue thriving as a unit during constant deployment and redeployment cycles. We pay special attention to Spouses’ needs because we realize that supporting Special Forces Soldiers is about supporting Special Forces Families.

Are you a Wife of a Green Beret? We offer educational grants that can help Spouses take pursue an education. Learn more about those here.

Are you simply someone who wants to support Green Beret Spouses? Consider a donation directed toward our Scholarships and Education. You can read inspiring essays from Spouses at this link. What are you waiting for? Be a Hero for a Hero today!

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