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It takes a team: You give, we serve

What motivates you to give? It’s a question we think about here at Special Forces Charitable Trust, since we depend on the generosity of our donors to underwrite our programs for Special Forces Soldiers and their Families.

In survey after survey, researchers find that people donate because they feel it’s important to help others in need, because they believe in the organization’s mission, because they trust their donations will go to help someone they know or care about, and because it just feels good. Tax deductions are a motivation for many, but are typically not the main reason people donate.

In the United States last year, individuals donated more than $292 billion, which comprised 68 percent of all charitable giving. Corporations, foundations and gifts by bequests brought in nearly $136 billion more for the thousands of non-profits doing charitable work. That’s a lot of money! We know you have a lot of options when it comes to making charitable donations. We hope you’ll agree we make a compelling case. Here are several reasons to donate to Special Forces Charitable Trust:

We support not just the Special Forces Soldiers serving outside the spotlight in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. We also support their Families, who make even more sacrifices than those in the regular Army because their Soldiers deploy more often and for longer, and are often in places where communication is limited or impossible. Families are typically not told where their Soldier is going, what he is doing or when he’ll be home, leaving them in a limbo of unknowing that can be extremely challenging for both Spouses and Children.

Our support takes many forms, but the main focus is to enhance the Command’s family resiliency initiatives through large-scale family retreats, training in communication, finances and more, and through family fun days such as father-son trips or daddy-daughter dances. We also take part in recognition programs, such as the Celebrating the Green Beret Family Reception coming up Oct. 22 in Washington. We offer Spousal Education grants, and when a Green Beret dies, we are there to help families with travel or memorial expenses the government does not cover.

We provide meaningful support to Green Beret Veterans, such as receptions for Medal of Honor Recipients, memorials, support for the annual Special Forces Association’s National Convention and one-time need-based grants for Green Beret Veterans who find themselves in need of assistance.

Can you see the way forward to help us see our way forward? Your donation can ripple through the Special Forces community, helping Families who need your support more than ever. Be a Hero for a Hero!

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