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Help for Special Forces Spouses to achieve their educational goals

"We, as military wives, are often putting our lives on hold. We carry the role of single parent more often than not, and it’s a struggle to manage the day-to-day chaos. However, I feel it’s important to provide a good example for our children, as well as ease the financial burden on our husbands that work so tirelessly. I’m always encouraging spouses to further their education, which will, in turn, allow for better opportunities and higher paying jobs … Daily, we need to make an effort to better ourselves in one way or another. No better way than continuing our education.” — Wife of a member of the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne)

We couldn’t agree more with this Green Beret’s Wife! She was awarded one of our Spousal Grants to continue her education, a program that is one of many we offer to support and enrich the lives of Special Forces Families. Every year we offer multiple Spousal Grants to help Spouses achieve their career and educational goals. Why is the program important? Why should you consider donating to support these grants?

Special Forces Spouses are typically as accomplished and determined as the Soldier, but their country, in effect, asks them to set aside their own goals if there is a conflict with the Command’s needs. As our 3rd SFG(A) wife above notes, these Spouses are often living as if they are single parents, raising children alone and running households while their husbands are sent to far corners of the world. Many Special Forces Spouses have associates and bachelor’s degrees, but find themselves underemployed because they don’t have the mobility to go where the jobs are. Instead, they accept jobs that are near and flexible for their families’ needs.

By supporting our Spousal Grants, you can help these Spouses re-tool their education or training so they can be prepared for work that interests and sustains them while they help support their families.

If you are a Special Forces Spouse, know that we want to help you achieve your goals. Here are a few things to know about our Spousal Grant program:

• There is no deadline, as we review applications on an ongoing basis.

• The grants are for Spouses of active duty Special Forces Soldiers.

• The grants are for $1,000 each, and a Spouse can receive two per year as long as each is

used in a different semester.

• Grants are available only for use at accredited colleges, universities, trade and vocational


• Applications must be accompanied by a one-page essay explaining the applicant’s

educational plans and planned use of the grant.

• Special Forces Spouses can learn more about our Spousal Grants and download an application here. Please share this link with your friends!

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