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Can you help us extend our reach?

We are so lucky to have a fan like you! You love that the Special Forces Charitable Trust supports Warriors and their Families by doing everything it can to enhance Family resiliency, with retreat

s, training, functions and more. You know — and respect — that we’re there with assistance during tragedies and have not forgotten Special Forces Veterans who served decades ago.

As you know, we don’t do this alone. In that spirit, we’d like to ask you a favor. Can you help us raise our profile with your friends and family outside the Special Forces circle or even beyond the wider military community? Can you perhaps organize a fundraiser for your network? Here are a few ways we could use your help:

Post about us and share our posts on social media sites. We don’t know who you know; we don’t have your networks of friends, associates and family. Social media posts can reach so many more people who may never have heard about the particular needs of Special Forces Families and the programs we offer to meet them. Share about why the work of Special Forces Charitable Trust matters to you.

Sponsor social media fundraisers. The birthday fundraisers on Facebook are a great way raise the profile of an organization like ours and to raise some money. There are other ways to use peer-to-peer fundraising too, such as hosting a walkathon or a danceathon, or asking friends to donate for every mile of trail you hike this summer. This website offers 15 suggestions for individuals who want to raise money, including many low-tech (but high touch) options such as bake sales or cook-offs.

Community events. Does your community have a celebration this summer? These can be a great time to raise money for a project you care about. For instance, if there’s a fun run or 10K, you could ask sponsors to donate a certain amount for each mile.

Get the family involved. Do you want to pass along your passion for Special Forces Families to your children? How about making a fun and educational project into a family fundraiser. For instance, why not tell the children you’ll donate $1 to Special Forces Charitable Trust for every new state license plate the spy while on vacation?

We know our supporters are an ingenious bunch, and you’ll think of many more ways to spread the word — and raise money — for our unique organization. We just want to say Thank You. You help it happen!

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