Mettle and Moxie Event

A 3-Day Weekend Event

to Refresh, Refuel, and Reset

The Mettle and Moxie 3-Day Weekend Event is the Special Forces Charitable Trust’s signature program.  For over 50 years, Special Forces and their families have endured arduous training and deployment cycles with no end in sight.  While these war-torn families express amazing resilience daily, there is no denying the negative impacts of the ongoing stress felt within their families. Our Mettle and Moxie 3-Day Weekend Events are designed to encourage Special Forces service members and their families to refresh, refuel, and reconnect. 


A Mettle and Moxie Event is defined as a 3-day weekend chalked full of educational information and activities presented to both adults and children (together and some separately) led by experts in their fields of topic. The leading experts center upon the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that families encounter in their daily lives.  They are committed to actively working with these families to promote healthy, helpful strategies.  These events provide new concepts and skills that can be immediately implemented in their personal and professional lives.


Events are open to all families whether it's a single service member, a couple, or those with children.  Each event is individually designed for a specific Special Forces Group based on the unique challenges they face.   Every session takes into consideration the single service member, the couple, and the family with children.


The Mettle and Moxie Events are held at a nearby neutral location which allows all family members to fully engage in the program without the responsibilities of home and/or work interference.  Even group meals present an opportunity for families to build comradery as they meet, perhaps for the first time, the team members fighting alongside their service member or the family members of those they’ve heard countless stories of while in the trenches. 


Above all else, the weekend provides an atmosphere where common ground is realized; “normal” is redefined, and deeper support systems are forged.  This is always cause for celebration as these realizations strengthen relationships within each family and within the Special Forces Community.


The overwhelmingly positive feedback and statistics we receive from families regarding the impact of these 3-Day Weekend Events in their lives, pushes the SFCT to continue to raise money to fund our signature Mettle and Moxie program.  Our goal is to increase the number of Mettle and Moxie Events we are able to deliver to each Group Command per year. 


If you are interested in helping us to achieve this goal, please select "Mettle and Moxie Event" when you donate.  Thank you!