Warrior Family

The Special Forces Charitable Trust understands that the Soldier’s Family carries the greatest burden and sacrificeduring training cycles and multiple deployments. The SFCT’s “highest priority” is providing support and assistance to SF Families as a whole and individually during these challenging times. Our Sponsorships provide larger breath of support for the entire Family. These are limited but are available upon approval and funding at that time.

Examples of Warrior Family Support provided, include but are not limited to:

  • Peer to Peer Platform:

    • Mettle & Moxie (Family) - 3 day family resilience event

    • Words with Warriors (Soldier) - soldier excursions | organic conversations in partnership at some of our Fundraising Events

    • THRIVE (Spouses) - spouse focused speakers | activities

    • STRIVE (Teens) - teen events designed to strengthen family dynamics

  • Education:

    • Spousal Scholarships

    • Funding for merit-based scholarships for SF dependents

    • Incentive awards for soldiers participating in "warrior competitions" (i.e. Sniper Competitions, Top Warrior Competitions, etc.)

  • Sponsorships