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Special Forces Charitable Trust grants multiple scholarships to Special Forces Spouses every year.  We received this essay from an SF Wife from the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) that outlines the reason why we find these scholarships so important and meaningful.

 “This last year, our team family experienced a tragedy.  A dear friend and fellow spouse lost her husband.  Immediately following the news, our team wives did an incredible job in providing for the family.  Fast-forward a few months, and the newly appointed Gold Star Wife is struggling to plan her future.  She has mentioned that she wants to go back to school and obtain a degree.  In doing so, she’ll be able to get a higher paying job when the need arises.

I make mention of this to bring attention to the following:

We, as military wives, are often putting our lives on hold.  We carry the role of single parent more often than not, and it’s a struggle to manage the day-to-day chaos.  However, I feel it’s important to provide a good example for our children, as well as ease the financial burden on our husband’s that work so tirelessly.  I’m always encouraging spouses to further their education, which will, in turn, allow for better opportunities and higher paying jobs.  For those that choose to work, a college education is a worthwhile investment.  For those that would rather not work, a degree provides a sense of financial peace in the event they’re needed to return to work.

A few years ago, my husband taught me the importance of forward progression, and it’s something I will always carry with me.  Daily, we need to make an effort to better ourselves in one way or another.  No better way than continuing our education.” – 3rd SFG(A) Wife

My husband is a warrior… and so am I.  My husband provides essential financial support for our family… and so can I.  My husband has worked his way into a successful and rewarding career… and so can I.  With the generous Spousal Education Grant from the Special Forces Charitable Trust, I will be granted the ability to begin working toward personal goals without creating additional financial strain for my family.  

Years before my life as a military spouse, I began my educational journey and earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors.  Once I was married, my career took a back seat to my husband’s work.  The sense of gratitude I have for our life as a military family is both virtuous and fulfilling, but I am ready to continue my own educational journey.  

While supporting my husband and raising our children, I’ve never stopped looking for ways to better myself - both as a means to ease the financial burden of a one-income household and also to set an example to my young children to never stop learning and advancing.  I am interested in an online certificate available through Cornell University that I can complete from home while still caring for my children and maintaining our household.  The certificate will build on my credentials, help close the gap on my resume, and start me on my path back into the workforce.

I am looking forward to furthering my own education, broadening my knowledge base, and pursuing personal interests. Thank you for your consideration, your generosity, and all that you do for the Soldiers, Spouses, and Families of the Special Forces.  - 7th SFG(A) Wife

Testimonials from the 3rd SFG(A) and the 5th SFG(A) Group Family Retreats

Special Forces Charitable Trust planned, implemented, and hosted large Resiliency Retreats in conjunction with the Center for Military Relationships and Families, through a program we developed within our Family and Community Support Program. These events are uniquely and specifically designed to provide service members and their Families opportunities to learn skills and strategies to help increase their overall individual and Family resilience.

  • Fantastic experience, these events are usually our only date nights of the year.

  • The SF Charitable Trust went above and Beyond.... The material was carefully thought out and coordinated.  All material covered is invaluable information that my wife and I will benefit from.  The guest speakers exceeded the standard in delivering the topics.

  • •    This retreat was an amazing experience. I feel so blessed for all the thought and heart that was obviously put into it. The staff was incredibly warm, helpful and accommodating and the speakers were phenomenal.... Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. We appreciate this more than we will ever be able to express.
    •    Wonderful event that was/is very beneficial for me and my family. Will strongly recommend to my fellow Soldiers. Thank you for the opportunity!
    •    The session really reflected a lot of what I've gone through and continue to go through. I feel I have learned to better cope and help others with Operation Stress. Thank you.
    •    The effort SFCT put into organizing this! The speakers, like Bob Delaney, are ones with Credibility, Experience and Empathy/Sympathy that resounds with the Soldiers and Families. This event as a whole touches on needs within our ranks that are hard to get at the heart of; conversations that need to happen. These speakers are reaching to the point of the things across the ciu/mil chasm with skill. Well done. Thank you for the comprehensive approach to this.
    •    The retreat was the most rewarding and beneficial that my family has ever attended, both for my spouse and I and our children. The speakers were extremely qualified, knowledgeable, and professional. The hotel and facilities were extraordinary. The staff was extremely polite and thoughtful. Overall, this was the best retreat and associated events that my family has attended in my 15 year Army career.
    •    This is hands down and far away the best retreat we have attended!!!
    •    · Best retreat I've been on, thank you!
    •    This was an amazing experience for our family. The childcare was awesome!

  • •    Thank you for this opportunity. I really enjoyed coming. Great sessions, especially like the sleep strategies.
    •    Best retreat I've ever been to. Relevant, real, raw and informative!
    •    Very well organized and a lot of useful information.
    •    Great accommodations, great choice of speakers. Recommend this Family retreat for all military retreats.
    •    These events were valued added for me and my family. Hope there is a continuation for these events being available post deployments for those returning to their Families.
    •    Overall the caliber of this event has far surpassed anything I've done/attended before. The holistic approach from sign-in, to arrival, the printed brochures to childcare teams made the depth; quality do much more. The speakers were ALL able to connect with an audience that can be hard to relate to. That in itself is a tremendous objective accomplished. Thank you.
    •    I am so happy we were invited to come. My husband deploys an awful lot and all of the information was informative and useful to us. This was an amazing event. Even our daughter looked forward to childcare each day. Thank you!
    •    Amazing! I never sat through such a great, informative, emotional session ... EVER! So much resonated with my husband and I.
    •    This was a great way to re-connect and re-charge. Overall, such an amazing experience. Thank you so much!
    •    I truly enjoyed hearing this information. It's extremely interesting, relevant to our family, and helpful!
    •    Thank you! These events are so important, so appreciated and so valued by our family. This was the most well-run event we have attended and my husband has been active 11 years.... I just can't thank the SF Charitable Trust enough. You have fostered in me the desire to do more for wives in same position when or however I can.


  • Very effective take-home knowledge provided.

  • Great event for families to both enjoy themselves and learn marriage/relationship improvement techniques. Thanks for the awesome experience.

  • The accommodations were delightful, and the speakers were intriguing. We have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this retreat.

  • From the moment we pulled up to check into the hotel this has been a fabulous experience! My family and I have felt special and cared for.  This has been a wonderful escape from day-to-day life in order to reconnect!  Words really cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity and how thankful I am to all those who made this a possibility!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  • Fantastic information that was highly relevant to both me, my children, and my husband.   I feel empowered to make better choices with our sleep and helping our children make better choices.

  • Speakers were excellent! The ratio of time allotted for educational sessions and free time was great.  This was by far the best retreat I've experienced.

  • I’m blown away by this retreat. The hotel itself, the nice rooms, great food, childcare, speakers, everything.  Wow!  This has been such a blessing for our family and it’s been an honor to attend.  We’ve learned so much valuable information that is highly relevant to our life.  Thank you!

  • Please keep doing these. We absolutely loved it.